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Who Are The Watchmen?.......

The Watchmen are a group of benefactors who have come together with their own individual talents, knowledge, resources and expertise, in order to form the very first organizational support system for all official Watchmen Groups, and Individual Patriot Citizens across the nation.

We have united collectively in order to serve a mission that has been long overdue in the patriot movement.  Together they have formed the perfect union dedicated to supporting the efforts of every Patriot and Patriot group whose desire is to restore and maintain the values and principles of our founding fathers and the Constitution of the
United States of America.

The Watchmen stand vigilant that unity will be the primary factor in success of this mission.  The mission is to provide the materials, equipment, training and facilities to support all lawful and Constitutional Militia, Patriot and Survival groups, and to restore honor, respect and integrity within the eyes of the public for these organizations. 

The mission also encompasses these same goals for Individual Patriots who wish to also participate in this unique program.

Birth of the Watchmen,
How It All Started......
Once Upon A Time In Missouri................
It was 2008, and American citizens all over the country had become frustrated with the fact that our country has been headed down a path of what some would call self-destruction.  The people have become distraught over government policies and the way our Government seems to ignore our needs and concerns.  Every day they seem to be passing legislation that was geared toward removing the last remnant of what we have known as a Free People.
Patriotism had grown more and more prevalent from the fires of righteous concern for our nation as a republic. People were bitching and griping every where you looked, but little was being done, and even less being discussed about a serious solution, to all that they faced.  The Internet forums and blogs were overwhelmed with angry Americans looking for solutions and there was an increased interest in citizens banding together in small groups all over, in an effort to collectively put their heads together in addressing the issues.
One such group, that arose from this situation, was a small group of 14 people.  They did not have a name. There was no official structure, but simply several people calling themselves Patriots and friends to one another.  This group had come to know each other over many months of communicating in different mediums of networking.  Although they came from many different walks in life, they all had a common thread they cared about their country deeply and were frustrated that more was not being done to confront the situations. Surely it could not be that hard to resolve.
They were Soldiers, Lawyers, Builders, people from Medical Professions, Law Enforcement, Teachers and even one of them was a Bakery owner.  Some of them were involved in other groups such as survivalist groups, tea party groups, 911 truther movement, and Militia groups.  One haunting question tied so many lives together to a degree that compelled them to form a bond.  The Question was, "What is being done to ultimately secure the safety and security for the American people in the likelihood that this Nation befalls some cataclysmic event or martial law situation?"
A lot more questions became apparent as this first question became the focus. "Who will help the people?"  "How are they preparing for such events?"  "Can they even prepare for such a thing?"  "How would they get the things they need, in such a failing economy?" It was decided that all of these people would like to get together in person and meet face to face.  To finally be present amongst each other and to address these questions and more.  The meeting would also give them the opportunity to finally meet those of which they had spent so much time debating with over the issues.
A date and time were set. A place was chosen, one that would be neutrally beneficial for most of them, located at a covert destination in the small town of Saint Clair, Missouri, just outside of west St. Louis.  They chose to attend anonymously using colorful call-signs instead of their real names, to insure their own personal security.
The meeting took place in a small park called Evergreen, under the pleasant setting of an outdoor pavilion with ample space for everyone. It was to be an informal affair amongst friends who had decided casually to have a meet and greet and put their heads together at an event that would ultimately develop into something none of them ever expected.
It was 9:10 a.m. as a few of them started to slowly trickle in and find their way to the appointed place.  Coffee and donuts were awaiting for those who had lost the time for breakfast in trying to find their way to the park.  Of the expected 14, only 11 showed up, which was a great number of attendance by any standards given the time and distance some would travel to get there.
All in all, the people were very pleasant and happy to finally put faces to the person they had been communicating with online for so long.  It did not take long for a couple of the older gentlemen to dig right in and begin discussing the issues and topics that had long become a matter of deep concern.  As these two sat and began their deliberations, others fell right into place grabbing seats closer to the men forming a proverbial round table of picnic benches.
In a matter of no time, the issues became increasingly more involved to a degree that some had whipped out yellow legal pads and began to frantically take notes.  Trying to sort out all of the ideas, comments and issues quickly became a problem. Some order had to be gained in order to productively allow everyone the opportunity to field their questions and comments.  One of the attendees, a middle aged professional looking woman suggested to the group that better organization be established in order to effectively address all the items being thrown around.  Three of the people in attendance were experienced Militia people and offered their expertise in structuring the conversations.
One of the topics that had been thrown around the discussion, was that related to whether the Militias in this country were prepared to handle the situations that might arise from extremely violent events such as chaos and mayhem breaking out in the urban city areas, as what was seen during the hurricane Katrina episode. As this discussion progressed, it was tossed around that the Militias and many other Survival and "Prepper" related groups would have to play an intricate role in securing the safety and defense of a lot of people in the various states, as the only hope for most citizens to survive a dramatic upheaval of our society and government system.
The questioned still remained, whether today's Militia and other groups, would actually be in a position to carry out such a mission, and if not, why they couldn't.  This changed the entire direction of the meeting as someone suggested we take all the problems, needs and situations with these groups and put them all out on the table.
Literally that is what happened, as one person began writing down each issue, each question, each problem, etc. on a separate piece of paper and laying them out on the table.  You could feel the excitement building up, and the anticipation of those present who had many suggestions, as they peered over all the papers piling up on the picnic table. By this time, nearly 2 hours had passed.
It was definitely time for a break and even though not much had been accomplished at this point, those present were now finally seeing a chance to selectively draw conclusions for each of the issues. You could feel the electricity in the air as they seemed to break up into smaller groups as they lingered about stretching their legs and gathering their thoughts.  Finally after several minutes, a loud prevailing voice rang out from the echo of the pavilion...... "Let's get to it!"  They all scrambled back to their seated positions and what was to follow became one of the most profound experiences any of them had ever witnessed in all of their previous attempts to resolve the issues that eluded them for so long.
One by one, paper by paper, they continued into the late afternoon. Taking each item and addressing it fully to the end. Debating the issue and taking it back and forth like a pendulum.  Solutions became more evident as time passed by and they began to formulate faster and faster.  Common threads began to form a picture amongst the group as the items were sorted by solution and suggestions. 
It became more and more apparent that something was developing here that was much larger than any of them could have imagined in the beginning.  A picture began to materialize as they came closer and closer to the bottom of the pile of papers.
It was evident by this time that something was needed.  Something that had never existed before in the history of this nation.  An entity like no other, one that could pull everything together in order to manifest the desires and hopes of this group.  It would take an organization that would be able to utilize all the knowledge and experience projected upon these little yellow sheets and turn them into the ultimate solution.
Could such an organization be established?......What complications would it face along the way, not to mention opposition?.....Could this organization be built upon a solid foundation of participation and action by all those involved?......How would the general public perceive this establishment?.....Could it project the proper image of honor and respectability that would be demanded by all?.....Could it hold the ground, that needs to be held in this mission?........and......What would they call it?
It's now 7:00 in the evening and the tired and hungry souls of those who had worked so diligently into the night had finally exhausted their energy.  There were no pieces of paper left. The table was bare and a single pile remained as a tribute to all they had accomplished in their time together this day.  In the final relaxation of their efforts, they chattered amongst each other once again in final preparations to make their long journeys home.  One of the men sat quietly to the side as he was approached by another who stated to him, "You have been quiet most of the day",  " I have been watching and taking it all in" he replied.  The man said, " Yes, haven't we all."
Another voice came from nearby with excitement and said, "That's it, We have been watching, and that's who we are, and what this can become.......The Watchmen."
This is a true story of how it all began, and how do I know?......I was there.
I was one of those Call-Signs.
I am.........Freebyrd,   America Patriot and a Watchmen

No country can fight tyranny without it's people, ....the citizens willing to make the ultimate in sacrifices for a Free Nation.
~ Freebyrd 2008 ~