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Below, you will find some information that
you will need to review in order to make
appropriate postings in the Bartering Facebook Page.

Please review the instructions carefully and
apply these guidelines when making posts
for your items to Buy, Sell, Trade or Auction.

The Barter Zone is Available to Watchmen Members ONLY!!

Please Allow Up To 48 hours to receive your Facebook Invitation for Access to the Barter Zone.

You can find the Link to the Barter Zone in the Members Area under BENEFITS side bar.

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Please Follow These Guidelines When Creating Your Bartering Feature Posts on the Barter Zone Facebook Private Group.
1)  When using the Watchmen Barter Zone feature, it works just like any other
normal posting procedure on Facebook.

2)  There are FIVE different Categories in which you can choose to post using
each one applicable as the HEADLINE.

WANTED  = Postings of Items you wish to obtain.

FOR SALE = Items you wish to sell for money only.

FOR SALE OR TRADE = Items you are willing to sell for money or
also Trade for items you desire in exchange for what you have.

FOR TRADE = Items you are desiring to Trade for "Other" items you
want to obtain.

AUCTION = Items you wish to Offer in Auction to the highest Bidder.

We ask that you Please use one of these Five Headings when you are
creating your Barter Zone post heading, depending on which one applies to
your situation.

3)  When creating your posts, Please provide a clear and sizeable picture of your
posting item, No thumbnails.  Pictures always encourage the most responses
and more successful trades.  If you do not post a picture of your items, most
people will scroll on past your listing to view others that do have images.

4)  When creating your posts, Please provide as much detail about your posted
item as possible. This cuts down on a lot of questions and going back and forth
in posts to gather information and saves more space for folks that are placing
bids or making offers. No one wants to scroll through dozens of questions
about an item, when they are merely searching for the highest bid or latest
trade offer on your item.

5)  All Item postings are limited to 60 days of listing, at that time they will be
deleted from the posting area and you will need to re-post your item if you have
not already secured a transaction for them and desire to continue your offer.
This rule is in place to assure that we have recent and fresh postings at all
times and that older postings do not remain "Stale" on the page.

6)  If you are looking to Trade your item for something, Please make it a point to
list exactly WHAT your are looking for in Trade!!  It is always best to list more
than one item you are willing to trade for as well. This provides a better
opportunity for someone to make you an offer to trade if you are looking for
more than one item. You do not want to limit your prospective trade audience.

7)  If you are listing an Item for Sale, Please post the Asking Price, whether the
price is negotiable or not, and if your willing to take the best offer or "OBO."
Posts of items For Sale without prices are subject to rejection.

8)  When creating a post, you MUST describe the condition of the item you are
listing!! Please list whether the item is NEW, USED, DAMAGED, NEEDS

9)  Once you have reached an agreeable Sale or Trade for your item, please let
us know by Posting a message, "THIS ITEM SOLD"  or "THIS ITEM
ALREADY TRADED"  Be courteous and let us know once your item(s) are no
longer available.

10)Once your item is successfully traded or sold in a transaction, you are
obligated to meet your end of the bargain and ship the item to your trade
partner in a timely fashion.  If it is discovered that ANY participant is NOT
meeting their agreed requirements, they risk termination from both the Barter
Zone and their Watchmen of America membership.

11)On ALL Auction postings, the listing trader must provide any "Reserve" amount
they desire to have and also provide information on HOW MANY items they are
selling in one Bid. If you have large quantities of a particular item that your
bidding for only one then you must indicate that.

12)Please Limit all postings on the Barter Zone Facebook page to Transactions
Only and refrain from any personal postings. All postings of a personal nature
or non-related to current transactions or requests for information about the
Bartering feature, will be deleted.
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