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What Is Bartering?

Bartering was the way of commerce, long before money existed.
People would trade what they had for something that someone else had. This could get pretty
complicated at times, especially if they didn’t both have something the other wanted. At times, the barter became a three-way street, with the third party needing something that one had and
providing something that the other had.

That’s where money came in. By having something available to which everyone
agreed on a common value, barter became easier. Instead of both having to
have something that the other wanted, they could trade what they had for
money instead. The person receiving the money could then trade that with just
about anyone for some other goods. While the world has largely let bartering
go by the wayside, there are still places where it is practiced. Even in developed
countries, people still barter on a personal basis at times. This can be
between friends, or between total strangers, such as in a flea market.

The interesting thing is that bartering is never buried very far. We can jump back
to it in a moment, especially in the aftermath of a crisis. Money seems to
lose a lot of its value to people when there aren’t any stores open that they
can shop in. Instead, they look for something that the other person has,
which they need or which they think is of value.

We are restoring some of these principle ideas in implementing our own Internal
Bartering System for Watchmen members only.

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