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The Watchmen of America is proud to introduce our new National Members Conference Call Feature.

The purpose is to implement additional means of communications with our members and open ways they can interact with our National Staff, for the purpose of having questions answered and discuss ideas and suggestions for improving their membership experiences. Additionally, any problems or
issues with membership can be resolved.

We welcome all Watchmen Members to participate in these Conference Calls which will be held every three months in the beginning until we know there is desire to have them more frequently.

Please read the details and instructions below for all protocols and rules for participating.

The Conference Call can be accessed by calling into a special conference call phone number and then entering an ACCESS PIN Number when prompted.

The calls will be hosted by National Staff members from our State Coordinator program and will typically consist of an initial presentation portion related to updates in the program and general news of what is going on in and around the Watchmen, followed by a Question and Answer period whereby members can
pose their own questions, comments, etc.

Here is the Conference Call Phone number and Access Pin Number:

Phone Number:  641-715-3580
Access PIN Number:  539403 + the "#" symbol

This call feature is for Watchmen Members ONLY!!
Please do not share this information with anyone!

The only rules that apply are to be respectful of other members and National Staff. Personal attacks verbally of anyone on the call will not be tolerated, and anyone doing so will be disconnected from the call.

When the Question and Answer period begins......

Press "*" + 6 to be placed in the Que for
posing a question or comment.
Then follow the prompts to indicate you have a comment or question.

When you first enter the Call, please announce yourself and
then you need to MUTE your phone by pressing "#" + 6

Pressing "#" + 6 again will UN-MUTE you.

Come Join us and we look forward to meeting you in the Call.


The Next Call will be:

FEBRUARY 20, 2016
8:00 Eastern Time

APRIL 17, 2016
8:00 Eastern Time