What Is It We Do?...........
We organize American Civilians into affiliate State Chapter Memberships for the purpose of building a support system that can assist them in obtaining the equip them with uniforms, gear, etc. and provide knowledge, skills and training opportunities and a multitude of other benefits and services for all members.

How Do We Do It?.........
We use membership based dues collectively to secure major buying power contracts and volume discounts on products and other services and benefits direct from the factories.  In other words we do collectively at a National level, what smaller groups or individuals cannot do on their own, and in a shorter period of time.

How Long Is My Program Membership?.......
Memberships are based Annually and will automatically renew unless we are otherwise notified by you that you no longer wish to participate.  Upon leaving the program, all benefits and services, including the use and access to all training programs, etc. will be suspended.

How Much Will This Program Cost Me?......
The Annual Membership Dues are:  $39.95 per person

Why Does Your Organization Charge Dues when so many other patriot groups do not?
There is no other organization that provides everything that we have and does all that the Watchmen do. It costs money to provide the type of benefits, services and features that we offer and through a collective membership dues based organization, it simply means the faster and bigger we grow the MORE we can offer as we progress toward the future. The possibilities are enormous given that we
can reach the higher levels of membership numbers needed to make dramatic changes in the movement.  The kind of changes that can provide peace of mind for our members and their families are priceless when it comes to being able to realize you do not have to face the dangerous situations ahead alone, that you have better chance of survival in greater numbers.

How Do I Pay My Memberships Dues?........
Members can perform online payments through our web site, where they can choose from several options of payment, including credit card, debit card online payment or they can send a personal check, cashier's check or money order by mail.  We use a secure PAYPAL transaction method.

Can I Pay Using A Personal Check?.......
Yes you can use any personal check to make your payments  to us through the mail, or you can also use a personal check to pay online using our E-Check Service through PayPal.

When and How Can I Sign Up?.........
We are now taking Membership sign-ups at the National Level , so you can sign up immediately.
Although we have members in every state, we do not however have Official State Chapters in every state. We are constantly seeking qualified leaders to step up into these leadership positions and once we establish that leadership in a state, the National Members are invited to join and participate
at the State Chapter Level.  There are membership qualification standards at the State Level that must be met, but do not exist at the National Organization itself.  You can learn more about whether we have an Official State Chapter in your state and Leadership Needs by CLICKING HERE

More Membership Information  CLICK HERE

Here is the Direct Link to our JOIN NOW PAGE

Are You Going To Want A Lot Of Information From Me?..........
The Answer is NO. We do not compile sensitive information on anyone.
All we need is the very basic information used to know what group you are In, or in the case of individual sign-up, just your name and address for shipping purposes for your Welcome Package.

State Chapters do require a bit more information to participate at their more extreme levels as they
need to know some health information for your safety and theirs. You will be required to fill out a more in dept hard copy application to join the State Chapter.

We DO NOT sell or release any email addresses or personal information for any reason.
We also have a GHOSTING Program for those people who want to join but hold very sensitive jobs, etc. and do not wish to risk losing them due to the overly critical political climate.

For example, we have many people in Law Enforcement, Military and Government Jobs that for
obvious reasons may not want their employers to know they are a member of a Patriot related
Support Group such as ours.  These people are able to participate through our "Ghosting" Feature.


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Frequently Asked Questions
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