Family Protection Group (FPG)
What is the FPG?
The FPG stands for Family Protection Group, which is a specially trained response team assembled for the purpose of rescuing and extracting a family member or entire family who may find themselves in a very difficult and/or dangerous situation.
What is the Purpose?
In a severe situation, such as a total social or government collapse or natural disaster, there may be instances where a Watchmen member and/or their family become trapped or face being victimized.

The purpose of this specific Watchmen program feature is to educate and prepare families for these scenarios in order to provide enough advanced information and warning to have the best chances of survival. In some cases it may become necessary to provide the family some assistance in getting out of harms way by sending in a "Special Response Team" or (SRT), when normal public civil services are not available or unable to respond in a sufficient amount of time.
Through our own National Intelligence Network (NIN) and the exclusive Sentinel Program feature, we are able to receive reports, detect and monitor most situations that may occur and could possibly put family's at risk.

Upon detection, or from ground reports, and verification of these incidents, we notify all Watchmen Members in the affected area and confirm their "Secure" status.
How Does It Work?
If the situation becomes extremely volatile and a family or member is unable to evacuate the immediate area safely, they can request extraction assistance from the Official Watchmen State Group Command element.

The State Group Command will use all previously gathered Intel on the situation in order to assemble and brief the appropriately needed "Special Response Team" in order to execute the extraction operation orders. The type of team dispatched will depend on the situation and the dangers that are presently known and the resources needed to deal with it.
How Does All This Benefit Me As A Watchmen?
It is one of our primary goals to provide you with the knowledge and information required, in order to be prepared for a wide variety of dangerous, violent and potentially life threatening situations.

As a Watchmen member, there are many things that can be prepared, that will allow you to gain an extra advantage in securing your family's safety during these dangerous situations. We have many members that work in Law Enforcement, Civil Services such as Fire and Rescue, Emergency Medical, etc. that have collectively brought forth their experience, knowledge and special skills to provide excellent plans specifically suited for these purposes.
We share these plans and information with our members, in the strict understanding that each member must take personal responsibility for using this knowledge and implementing their own security/safety strategy.

It is not the responsibility of the Watchmen of America, or any State Group, to assist those who make no effort or take the initiative in helping themselves.
How Can I Participate?
With that being said, it is our mission to collectively come together nationally and at the individual state levels in order to provide assistance for those who may simply find themselves in a dire situation even though they have actively prepared and exhausted all their security measures.

The biggest single benefit to derive from this exclusive program feature, is the knowledge and skill sets needed in order to assure your best chances for survival and learning from top experts in these fields. The ultimate benefit is achieved by participation and taking responsibility for doing your part. By being involved, this should provide some peace of mind in knowing that you will not have to face the dangers alone.
The first and foremost way to participate, is to join and become active in your Official State Group.

If there is no Official Watchmen State Group in your state, then assist in gathering people to come on board in order to get one started. You do not necessarily have to Lead the group, but help gather people together and we can usually find the leaders who will step up to Command.

The best way for us to maximize our strengths in this endeavor is by organizing through larger State Group organizations.
The second way to participate is to become totally knowledgeable about the Family Protection Group (FPG), and the various materials available as a Watchmen member that will allow you to begin your "Family Security Plan" immediately. Having a strategic plan in place will be crucial at the time of truth and may mean the difference in saving your family's life.

Additionally, we feel that the more knowledge and skills that people have, they should share collectively. Therefore, we always encourage new and fresh ideas and perspectives from everyone who desires to submit their input for possible improvements.

"Remember, we are ALL in this battle together, If you
have skills sets and knowledge, step up to offer assistance."

It is true that we do not currently have an Official State Group in All states, although we do have Individual Watchmen Members in every state. One very vital way to participate is to assist us in recruitment efforts in your state and helping to build the ultimate solution that having a organized State Group can provide.
How Can I Join The FPG Team?
The Family Protection Group program is specifically Organized, Directed and Activated at each State Group level. This means that each Official State Group Commander of Watchmen of America is responsible for developing and training their own  "Special Response Teams" (SRT).

In order to directly become an FPG team operative, you must first become involved at the State Group level and complete all the necessary basic training elements required.
Once you have completed all the initial requirements and have become accepted as an FPG Trainee, you will be required to successfully complete a very rigorous specialized training course for FPG.

Each State Group will build Various FPG Teams in order to maximize coverage of their state accordingly and provided that they have enough qualified members to do so.

Make no mistake about it, the people who volunteer for this specific service must be physically fit and able to perform at much higher levels than any normal citizen soldier. The training will be tough and extensive as you will be expected to perform at these higher levels of physical ability and mental discipline.

While each FPG Team is built and implemented by the Official State Group, the Watchmen of America provides support and oversight in order to adhere to a very specific set of Standards and Guidelines.

"You can begin today, by getting involved with your State Group."

What Are The Types Of Response Teams For FPG?
Response Types can be broken down into FOUR basic categories.

Wellness Check Response (WCR)
Civil Service Response  (CSR)
Rescue /Evacuation Response  (RER)
Tactical Extraction Response  (TER)

Details are outlined below:
Wellness Check Response (WCR)
There may be instances where a family member is  away from home, perhaps a son or daughter away at college, and contact or communications have ceased for a period of time that might indicate something bad has happened.

As a last resort measure, an FPG operative may be assigned to physically locate and check on their well being.
In order to implement or "activate" this operation, certain specific guidelines must be followed on the part of the parents and the child as indicated in the "Family Security Planning Guide."

Information will be needed, such as developing preset protocols to establish normal routine schedules and behavior of the student, siblings and/or elderly parent(s). It will be important to establish certain rules about maintaining communications so that if anything does go wrong, both parties know what to look for.

Although younger family members do not always adhere to strict routines and normal behavior such as elderly parents may do, it is wise to develop certain traits in their lives that will assist in this status checking system.

This type of Call-To-Action would be implemented using the Sentinel Program Central Receiving System, whereby a "Request For Action" (RFA) may be completed and then received for implementation. This would particularly apply to all Individual Associate Members, as State Group Members will usually put their requests in directly with their Commander or the assigned Sentinel Officer within the group that is responsible for intake of Requests For Action.

Civil Service Response (CSR)
This type of response picks up where local and/or State government services may fail in cases of natural disaster.

In most cases, with the exception of earthquakes, most natural disasters are weather related and therefore come with a certain amount of warning before the disaster strikes.

In the case of hurricanes, the Alert or Warning usually come several days before they make landfall. 
A family may find themselves in a situation where they are having difficulty evacuating on their own due to various reasons. No transportation, a wheelchair or bed ridden family member, etc.

In these instances where the family needs assistance and government services are nonexistent or over-whelmed, it may become necessary to call for an Emergency Extraction from the FPG Program.
"Many people have lost their lives in natural disasters, simply because they were unable to evacuate themselves"
Rescue/Evacuation Response (RER)
This type of response usually becomes very critical because it typically means that a disaster has already taken place and the family members are already in a dangerous or compromising situation.

An example might be a family who has survived a tornado that has wiped out the immediate area and destroyed most of the property including transportation. They may find themselves trapped in the local area with no food, water or shelter and need to be extracted to a location where they can receive the proper assistance they need.

Local civil services operations will usually become over-whelmed and we all know that FEMA has a very poor response time during these situations.

It may become necessary to call-out an FPG Emergency Response Team to come to the aid and assistance of that family. Keep in mind that the FPG Response Team will NOT be there to recover or sift through debris for lost property.

They are there for one purpose, to extract the family to a safe and secure location where they can get the assistance they need.

Tactical Extraction Response (TER)
This type of response is the most critical and dangerous of all the responses. This particular response type involves an already verified element of possible violent danger, or the threat thereof.

Basically, this means that a family is caught up or trapped behind enemy lines and are facing imminent danger if not extracted.
There are many scenarios that can come into play when a SHTF (Shit Hits The Fan) situation erupts. Roving street gangs, neighborhood riots, flash mobs, martial law, unlawful government round-ups, just to name a few.

When a family finds themselves in a situation where they were unable to evacuate in time or escape has been cut off, then it may become necessary to activate an extraction operation, in order to secure them and evacuate them from the danger area.

This is where a highly trained specialized group come in handy. No doubt about it, this is where the rubber hits the road and it is a very profound situation that can be very dangerous as well as controversial.

In these extreme incidences, the enemy can become those who no one wants to face. It can not only be criminal elements that will take advantage of the mass chaos, but it can become the neighboring families that may be trying to get what you have so they can survive. In some cases it can even become law enforcement elements that may try to prevent anyone from entering or "exiting" the affected area, while they do nothing to protect the individual families trapped in their homes.

In any case, this type of call-out is the most serious and should always be treated with the utmost respect.

"If you think FPG training might be easy, imagine what you may need to do
when that 12 year old neighborhood kid has a crossbow trained down on you?"

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