Membership with Watchmen Of America

    Membership with the Watchmen of America is all about
collective community and fellowship.

  Our ultimate goal is to provide organizational and logistical support for community based groups and
to provide structure and organization for State based groups. We aspire to be able to provide additional support is all cases of emergency response and protection for our members and their families.

    In order to succeed in this endeavor, we need to build and maintain a solid membership based community organization. Collectively pulling together the financial resources that will allow us to accomplish things in the patriot community that has never been done before.

   Together as a membership, we can create and provide the kinds of security measures, training and material support in order to ensure our best chance for survival. Common sense dictates that we can accomplish a whole lot more together as a group than we possibly can as individuals and we can do it much faster.

"When you consider some of the best national membership organizations that do the greatest good, their large dedicated number of members is what makes that possible."

    Try to think of Watchmen of America Program as a National Co-op type of organization.

    This means as part of that collective strength, we are also able to obtain what is known as "Buying Power."
By developing a cooperative we are able to make bulk purchases of various products directly from the manufacturers, instead of dealing with middlemen and wholesalers. We in turn pass all these savings along to our members through our online members store called TacGearZone

    This simple benefit alone is priceless when it comes to being able to get the products that may be needed for proper survival preparedness, at the lowest possible price.

    As with any membership based program our goal must be to increase our membership in order to generate the kind of revenue that can and will allow us to build stronger, safer and more self sufficient communities. We must position ourselves where we can do the most good and make the biggest difference for our members and those that they love.

    The Watchmen have already began making these differences in many areas, as we strive to accomplish even greater goals and achievements.

Differences such as:

2nd Amendment Celebration Event
A special celebration gathering of Watchmen members from all over the country
to demonstrate our support for the second amendment of the Constitution.
Over $8000 worth of prizes and gifts are given away including
Grand Prizes of Custom Built AR-15 Rifles.

Operation Guided Light
A 1300 mile convoy bringing relief supplies to victims of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey.

Operation Restoring Hope
A disaster relief project that brought much needed supplies to Tornado victims in Oklahoma

Community Based Service Classes
A Public Service Project where we set up Community Classes and Courses FREE of charge,
in order to educate and provide knowledge and skills beneficial to protecting Yourselves
and your Family.

The National Patriot Alert System
A public service system designed to sound the alarm for all citizens when something extremely profound or dangerous is occurring. We have a separate broadcast system for getting the word out when sensitive Intel comes in that people need to be aware of. We also disseminate other Intel and misinformation in order to confirm or verify their validity and apprise the public of those findings.
We do not need panic from fear mongering in this movement.

Sentinel Intelligence Program
A network of volunteer members who act as field operatives in the gathering and submission of important events and activities that may be of danger to American citizens. These operatives also serve to confirm or verify other reports that have come in from outside sources.

Family Protection Group - Program
These are specifically trained special operations groups built within each Official State group that
serve the need for emergency assistance and/or extraction in the event that members or their
families become trapped in a very bad situation.

Membership Call-To-Action Program
Over the years we have come to the aid of many of our Members, who have fallen upon
hard times of despair and needed financial assistance.  Through our collective membership,
we each can give a smaller amount financially that goes along way to meet any hardships
we need to endure for those in dire need. Our members are expected to participate and
they gladly do so, realizing that our sheer strength in numbers goes a long way
to conquer these hardships while not creating a personal burden in doing so.

......and many more

   There is always more strength in numbers that a network of dedicated American citizens can afford for one another. Please consider the minimal amount of our membership of $100.00 per year as an investment into the future of our Freedom loving Patriot Community. Come find out why so many have found the Patriot home, in the Watchmen, that they have always searched for. 

The Watchmen Of America is a Not-For-Profit organization.

"For less than the cost of a Applebee's Dinner or Carton of Cigarettes,
you can be part of making a difference for You and your Family
and our Nation as a whole."

Come Find Out What True Patriot Fellowship Really Means

Normal Price:  $100.00 Per Year.......LIMITED TIME REDUCED PRICE

If you JOIN NOW at this Special LOW PRICE, You may renew your membership
every year at the same LOW PRICE, indefinately.

Come join the WATCHMEN today.

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