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“The Watchmen’s Creed”

   As we cross the many bridges put before us, we will strive to help others cross as well. We will reunite all that has been separated throughout the years in the brotherhood of our citizen soldiers.

May we all share in the duties and responsibilities of bringing back our sense of security for ourselves and our families and all the people of this nation.

We shall respect the rights of others and seek to quell all prejudices and extend the hand of fellowship to each other and may we all stand united against the oppressions and tyranny confronting us with all the spirit, will and determination as our forefathers once did when founding our great nation.

For we are one of the last remaining symbols of America’s freedom.

The Watchmen Of America

The Watchmen Mission Statement.......

Our Overall Goal:

To Build a National Membership based Organization in order to Unite Individual American Citizens, in communities across the Nation for the purpose of Self Preservation and to Secure Themselves and Their Families against a wide variety
of situations that may place them at risk in Loss of Life or Freedom.

1)    To Develop and Construct a Nationally based Membership Organization.

2)    To Unite and Bring Together American Citizens in Communities All Across the
     Country in Fellowship and Brotherhood.

3)    To Provide Financial and Material Support in allowing the Members to Acquire the
      things they will need for Emergency Survival and Defensive Situations.

4)    To Set-Up and Implement Official Standardized Training Curriculums and
      Courses for the Members, and provide Professional Instruction.

5)    To Assist Members in Forming Official Statewide Groups, in order to Train,
      Prepare and Assist each other at the Community Level for Survival.

6)    To Assist Groups in Developing Specialized Rescue, Security and Emergency
      Response Teams to assure their ability to React in cases of Alarm and Danger.

7)    To Build and Maintain State Membership Facilities that can provide Safe Refuge
      and Support in Times of Distress.

8)    To Grow and Develop more Training Opportunities and Facilities for the Members
      to Continue their Survival Preparedness Education in a Professional yet Real
      World Scenario.

The Watchmen's Creed