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Staffing Positions Available
National Staff Position Offerings

This Area is Dedicated to Placing Notices For Needed Staffing Positions
That Are Currently Available In the Watchmen Of America Organization.
    The Watchmen Of America is one of the fastest growing Patriot Organizations in the U.S. today.  Patriots from all over the country are making the commitment to join and participate in the one solution we feel that has the best chance for our survival in the troubling times ahead.

As such, we are in need of qualified people that have experience and knowledge in a variety of areas that can assist us in managing this growth and working to continue adding to our membership and services across the country. 

The primary goal of any of our available STAFF POSITIONS is to assist our members in joining and preparing themselves for survival in extreme and adverse situations, including but not limited to, Natural Disasters, Man-made Disasters, Martial Law Nationally or Locally, Situations of Civil Unrest and Criminal Outbreaks or Violence against other Civilians.

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