“Stolen Valor” is a term applied to the phenomenon of people falsely claiming military awards or badges they did not earn, service they did not perform, Prisoner of War experiences that never happened, and other tales of military derring-do that exist only in their minds.
The Watchmen Of America absolutely detests Stolen Valor!
We do everything we can to combat this ongoing epidemic!
Stolen Valor is not tolerated among the members of our organization!

The Watchmen Of America have had to combat Stolen Valor many times during our existence, and we have seen this dilemma increase more and more each year.

Within the American Patriot Community there has been a rash of these cases in nearly every organization in the movement. It takes commitment and determination to fight this epidemic but we simply cannot allow these scumbags to disrespect those who have honorably served their country and especially those who have given so much of themselves.

Every service man and woman who have served in our nations military, have every right to stand proud of their duty and the time they have given.
It doesn't matter if they were a Cook, Supply Sergeant, Infantryman, Mechanic, etc. .....they are honored and respected.

It is those who desire to embellish their military service careers who dishonor all the others and America by claiming to have served in a capacity or unit they never served in. They will also claim awards and badges they never earned such as Purple Hearts, Medals of Valor, Bronze Stars, etc. of which they never earned.

We understand that most of those who participate in Stolen Valor do so because they desire to profit or benefit from their false claims by receiving acknowledgement, special treatment, benefits, donations, etc. from those who are unaware or who have been deeply deceived.

According to Don Shipley (U.S. Navy Seal), the number one occupation where you will find Fake Navy Seals is in Martial Arts companies and a close second is Firearms and Conceal Carry Instructors.  They embellish their real military service or outright claim service they never did in order to make unsuspecting consumers believe they are receiving instruction by an elite professional.

Those who claim to have military service, but have never served are the worst of the worst in our opinion and have gone the extra mile to disrespect those who have actually served their country.

Apparently, the one military service that seems to be the predominant fake claim is that of being a Navy Seal., something Don and his wife Diane have been fighting and exposing for many years. See what Master Chief Don Shipley has to say below.

Don and Diane Shipley
Don and Diane Shipley have been fighting Stolen Valor and exposing Fake Navy Seals for decades.

Please visit their excellent websites below:

YouTube Channel:   (Phony Navy Seal Of The Week )

My efforts to expose SEAL imposters are performed as a service to the public, and in honor of my fallen SEAL Teammates… men who truly earned the right to the title “US NAVY SEAL” but who are no longer able to stand forward in defense of their honor, their reputations, and their TEAMs.

~ Don Shipley ~
Countless SEAL Imposters show proof of their SEAL claims in the form of SEAL Insignia (Tridents), SEAL Coins, SEAL Award Citations, and SEAL Training Graduation certificates which are unfortunately all available on-line. Numerous others get SEAL Tattoos, Photoshop their faces on SEAL Pictures and alter actual Military Discharge Papers to show SEAL service. Myriads of imposters claim the Navy removed their name from the SEAL Database when they encountered trouble during their service and nothing could be further from the truth.

Many SEAL imposters when confronted with the information I have provided will resort to claiming that their records are sealed, burned or their SEAL Operations were classified as Secret and that there are no official records of them. Before any classified operations may be undertaken as a SEAL Operator, a man must first successfully complete the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) Training program and then the follow-on secondary training program. The names of all those who successfully graduate from that training program sequence are compiled in the SEAL database. Later participation in classified operations has "NO IMPACT" on whether or not a person is listed as a graduate of the training program.

There are records of every man who has qualified for the title of “SEAL”; there have been and will continue to be secret missions, but there are NO secret SEALs.

~ Don Shipley ~
The Watchmen Of America wishes to Deeply HONOR
Don and Diane Shipley for their many sacrifices over
the years and their true dedication and commitment to
fighting Stolen Valor and protecting the sanctity of all those
who have actually served, fought and died for their country!

Here's A Toast To You Both!
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